About Tor Group

Welcome to TOR GROUP

The TOR GROUP’s origins can be dated back to the 1880’s when Mustafa “the Carpenter” Torlak started his small business manufacturing wooden boats in the Rize Provence of the Eastern Black Sea region. From these humble beginnings the Torlak family built an international shipbuilding and maintenance group that prides itself on being reliable and forward thinking.

Every generation of Torlak has contributed to the evolution of the family business by increasing manufacturing capabilities, relocating the company to the newly established Republic of Turkey in the 1920s and by developing new areas of expertise around shipbuilding. In 1968 the third generation of Torlaks successfully delivered Turkey’s first steel vessel, putting the company at the forefront of Turkish shipbuilding.

Today, what began as a small family business has evolved into an important group of companies that delivers a large number of services to Turkish and international clients. The TOR GROUP is composed of a number of companies all owned and operated by members of the fifth generation of Torlak shipbuilders:

  • TORGEM: owns and operates shipyards, workshops and group offices
  • TOR MARINE: builds vessels including OSV’s, PSV’s, AHTS’s, tankers, mega yachts and cargo ships
  • TOR CONSTRUCTION: plans and executes onshore projects, like residential, office and retail complexes, as well as marine projects such as breakwater and jetty construction